Song-Chun Zhu
Professor of Statistics and
Computer Science
Ying Nian Wu
Professor of Statistics
Hongjing Lu
Professor of Psychology
and Statistics
Tao Gao
Assistant Professor of
Statistics and Communication
Jungseock Joo
Assistant Professor of
Communication and Statistics

Postdocs and Visiting Researchers

Keze Wang
Computer Vision
Yixin Zhu
Functional & Physics Reasoning

PhD Students

Arjun R. Akula
Explainable AI
Yixin Chen
Action Recognition
Mark Edmonds
Causal Learning
Lifeng Fan
Social Norms
Eric Fischer
Generative Model
Feng Gao
Reinforcement Learning
Ruiqi Gao
Generative Learning
Xiaofeng Gao
Cognitive Modeling
Muzhi Han
Task & Motion Planning
Mitchell Krupiarz Hill
Energy Landscape Mapping
Siyuan Huang
Scene Parsing
Baoxiong Jia
Human Intention Prediction
Ziyuan Jiao
Grasping & Manipulation
Qing Li
Vision and Language
Hangxin Liu
Human Robot Interactions
Tengyu Liu
Computer Vision
Pan Lu
Vision & Language Grounding
Jonathan Mitchell
Generative Learning
Erik Nijkamp
Generative Learning
Liang Qiu
Communicative Learning
Yuxing Qiu
Simulation & Cognitive Modeling
Feng Shi
Chips for Vision & Learning
Shu Wang
Planning&Fluent Calculus
Sirui Xie
Planning & Reasoning
Xu Xie
VR for Robot Learning
Yifei Xu
Generative Learning
Luyao Yuan
Communicative Learning
Chi Zhang
Visual Reasoning
Victor Zhang
Multi-agent System & AR
Zeyu Zhang
Robotic Learning
Tianyang Zhao
Generative Model
Yizhou Zhao
Reinforcement Learning
Zilong Zheng
Communicative Learning
Yaxuan Zhu
Generative Model

Master Students

Yining Hong
Vision & Language
Xiaojian Ma
Learning & Reasoning
Shuwen Qiu
Cognitive Modeling
Hui Wang
AI Algorithm Hardware
Xufan Wang
Casual Learning
Yu Yang
Visual Reasoning
Qingyi Zhao
Multi-agent System

Undergraduate Students

Lawrence Chen
Computer Science
John Dang
Computer Science
Zipeng Fu
Computer Science &
Applied Math
Yiqiao (Ahren) Jin
Computer Science
Phipson Lee
Cognitive Science &
Computer Science
Tianyang Liu
Applied mathematics
Jingyue Shen
Computer Science
Rahul Sheth
Computer Science
Ziheng (Lawrence) Xu
Computer Science
Curtis Xuan
Computational Mathematics
Zeyu Liu
Computer Science
Linqi (Alex) Zhou
Computer Science

Affiliate Members

  • Prof. Adrian Barbu, Vision and Learning, Florida State University
  • Prof. Joyce Chai, NLP and Dialogues, Michigan State University
  • Dr. David DeLiema, Education and Communication, 9Dots and UC Berkeley
  • Prof. Chenfanfu Jiang, Graphics, Physics Simulation and VR, UPenn
  • Dr. Mun Wai Lee, NLP and Vision, Intelligent Automation, Inc. (IAI)
  • Prof. Xiaobai Liu, Computer Vision, San Diego State University
  • Dr. Brandon Rothrock, Vision and Autonomy, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)
  • Prof. Michael Ryoo, Computer Vision and Robotics, Stony Brook University
  • Prof. Sinisa Todorovic, Computer Vision, Oregon State University
  • Prof. Tianfu Wu, Computer Vision, North Carolina State University