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Subject Course Course ID Quarter Level
English High-Intermediate Writing and Communication for International Graduate Students ESL 201 F / W Basic
Pronunciation for International Teaching Assistants ESL 210 F / W Basic
Classroom Communication for International Teaching Assistants I ESL 211 Fall Basic
Presentation and Discussion-Leading Skills for International Teaching Assistants ESL 213 Fall Basic
Advanced Grammar and Style for Multilingual Speakers ESL 105 Winter Basic
Classroom Communication for International Teaching Assistants II ESL 212 Winter Basic
Teaching College Statistics STATS 495A Fall Basic
Computer Vision &
Machine Learning
Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning CS M276A / STATS 231A Fall Basic
Methods of Machine Learning STATS 231B Winter Intermediate
Theories of Machine Learning STATS 231C Spring Advanced
Statistical Modeling and Learning in Vision and Image Science STATS 232A / CS 266A Fall Intermediate
Hierarchical Compositional Model and inference in Computer Vision STATS 232B / CS 266B Winter Intermediate
Cognitive Artificial Intelligence STATS 232C Spring Intermediate
Statistics Applied Probability STATS 200A Fall Basic
Research Design, Sampling and Analysis STATS 201A Fall Basic
Statistics Programming STATS 202A Fall Basic
Theoretical Statistics STATS 200B Winter Basic
Statistical Modeling and Learning STATS 201B Winter Basic
Matrix Algebra and Optimization STATS 202B Winter Basic
Large Sample Theory STATS 200C Spring Basic
Advanced Modeling and Inference STATS 201C Spring Basic
Monte Carlo Optimization STATS 202C Spring Basic
Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence CS 161 Fall Basic
Learning and Reasoning with Bayesian Networks CS 262A Winter Intermediate
Automated Reasoning: Theory and Applications CS 264A Winter Intermediate
Special Topics on Artificial Intelligence (by Prof. Demetri Terzopoulos) CS 269 Winter Basic
Artificial Life CS 275 Winter Basic
Problem Solving and Searching CS 261A Spring Basic
Seminar in Causal Modeling CS 262Z Spring Intermediate
Linear Algebra Linear Algebra A MATH 115A F / W / S Basic
Linear Algebra B MATH 115B W / S Basic
Programming Operating System CS 111 F / W / S Intermediate
Robotics Mechanics and Trajectory Planning of Industrial Robots MAE 263C Fall Intermediate
Advanced Robotics MAE 263D Winter Advanced
Computer Graphics Advanced Numerical Methods MATH 269A Fall Advanced
Techniques in Scientific Computing MATH 270A Fall Advanced
Introduction to Computer Graphics CS 174A Winter Basic
Advanced Numerical Methods MATH 269B Winter Advanced
Techniques in Scientific Computing MATH 270B Winter Advanced
Computer Animation CS C274C Spring Basic
Introduction to Finite Element Methods MAE M168 Spring Intermediate
Advanced Numerical Methods MATH 269C Spring Advanced
Techniques in Scientific Computing MATH 270C Spring Advanced
Particle-In-Cell Techniques for Solids and Fluids MATH 285J Spring Advanced
Optimization & Control Linear Programming EE 236A Fall Intermediate
Optimization and Calculus of Variations: Basic Optimization MATH 273A Fall Advanced
Convex Optimization EE 236B Winter Intermediate
Linear Optimal Control MAE 270B Winter Intermediate
Optimization MATH 164 Spring Basic
Optimization Methods for Large-Scale Systems EE 236C Spring Intermediate
Cognitive Science Cognitive Psychology PSYCH 120A Spring Basic
Quantitative Methods in Cognitive Psychology PSYCH 259 Spring Intermediate
Cognitive Artificial Intelligence STATS 232C Spring Intermediate

Reading List

Book Author
Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind Yuval Noah Harari
SuperCooperators: Altruism, Evolution, and Why We Need Each Other to Succeed Martin Nowak, Roger Highfield
Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do? Michael J. Sandel