SIG-11 will include presentations of the peer-reviewed papers. Original, high-quality submissions are solicited on the topics of interest that include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Stochastic hierarchical models of activities, events, scenes, and 3D objects
  • Learning visual dictionaries and taxonomies of events and 3D objects
  • Grammar-based 3D Structure from X
  • Hierarchy of classifiers for categorizing events, scenes, and 3D objects
  • Causality and reasoning using probabilistic hierarchical models
  • Probabilistic first-order predicates of events and 3D objects
  • Integration of hierarchical models of image/video and text
  • The use of grammars for image and video parsing
  • Datasets and benchmarks for learning and evaluating stochastic image grammars

The submission deadline is 5pm PST, July 15, 2011.