Vision with Robot Autonomy and Language



Tracking Occluded Objects and Recovering Incomplete Trajectories by Reasoning about Containment Relations and Human Actions
Wei Liang, Yixin Zhu, and Song-Chun Zhu
Configurable, Photorealistic Image Rendering and Ground Truth Synthesis by Sampling Stochastic Grammars Representing Indoor Scenes
Chenfanfu Jiang*, Yixin Zhu*, Siyuan Qi*, Siyuan Huang*, Lap-Fai Yu, Demetri Terzopoulos, and Song-Chun Zhu
*Equal contributors
Inferring Forces and Learning Human Utilities From Videos
Yixin Zhu*, Chenfanfu Jiang*, Yibiao Zhao, Demetri Terzopoulos, and Song-Chun Zhu
*Equal contributors
What is Where: Inferring Containment Relations from Videos
Wei Liang, Yibiao Zhao, Yixin Zhu, and Song-Chun Zhu
Mining And-Or Graphs for Graph Matching and Object Discovery

Quanshi Zhang, Ying Nian Wu, and Song-Chun Zhu

Learning FRAME Models Using CNN Filters

Yang Lu, Song-Chun Zhu, and Ying Nian Wu

Learning Near-Optimal Cost-Sensitive Decision Policies for Object Detection

Tianfu Wu, and Song-Chun Zhu

Concurrent Action Detection with Structural Prediction
Modeling 4D Human-Object Interactions for Event and Object Recognition

Ping Wei, Yibiao Zhao, Nanning Zheng, and Song-Chun Zhu

Discriminatively Trained And-Or Tree Models for Object Detection

Xi Song, Tianfu Wu, Yunde Jia, and Song-Chun Zhu

Weakly Supervised Learning for Attribute Localization in Outdoor Scenes

Shuo Wang, Jungseock Joo, Yizhou Wang, and Song-Chun Zhu

Cost-Sensitive Top-down/Bottom-up Inference for Multiscale Activity Recognition

Mohamed R. Amer, Dan Xie, Mingtian Zhao, Sinisa Todorovic, and Song-Chun Zhu

Animated Templates for Modelling and Detecting Human Actions

Benjamin Yao, Zicheng Liu, Xiaohan Nie, and Song-Chun Zhu

Human Parsing using Stochastic And-Or Grammars and Rich Appearances

Brandon Rothrock, and Song-Chun Zhu