Interesting Results on Texture Modeling and Synthesis
Remark: In this page, we 'd like to collect  some interesting  results for
        texture modeling and synthesis in the order they appeared in the 
        recent literature. We invite perople to submit their URls if they
        want to have interesting results linked by this page.

1). Results by Pyramid statistical matching
                           (Heeger and Bergen, 1995)

2). Results by FRAME and Minimax Entropy: Modeling and Synthesis and more
                           (Zhu, Wu, and Mumford, 1996) 
3). Results by Multiresolution Tree-structured Synthesis
                           (De Bonet 1997)

4). Results by Julesz Ensemble: MCMC Sampling and more 
                           (Zhu, Liu, and Wu, 1999, Wu, Zhu and Liu 2000)
5). Results by Iterative Projection
                           (Portilla and Simoncelli, 1999)

6). Results by non-parametric sampling
                           (Efros and Leung, 1999, Wei and Levoy 2000)

7). Results by Patch Pasting: Asymptotically Admissible Texture Synthesis     
                           (Xu, Zhu, Shum, Guo. 2000, Liang etc 2001)
8). Results by Texture and video Mixing  
                           (Bar-Joseph, EI-Yaniv, Lischinski, and Werman, 2001)

9). Results by Motion Dynaimcs
                           (Doretto, Pundir, Wu, and Soatto, 2001)
10). Results on Textured Motion: analysis and synthesis  
                           (Wang and Zhu, 2002).